Corporate Repair


Nowadays, people are getting addicted with the technological advancements; corporations are always on the lookout for reliable on-site repair services. We at laptop Services have 17 years of proven track record for providing top notch computer repair services in Seattle area.

In today’s high tech environment our dependency on computers is ever increasing. At times minor software related issues or system drivers make the computers inoperable. At times our systems get infected with virus or which by itself is a problem and at times our hardware crashes.   All such issues create irritations and if not corrected on time, they get from bad to worse.

Some corporations have their own technicians for repairing their systems, usually it’s not viable for companies to hire technician with wide knowledge for all kinds of faults and issues and keep spare parts for all types of systems, makes and models.  Above all corporates don’t have time to have their systems taken to a repair shop for repairs, the cost of having the computers taken to a shop and having it fixed and then picking it up from the shop is more than what we have to offer to our customers.

Looking at the changing trend in computer repair and services in your own home town Laptop Service is now a call away, we offer many types of corporate packages, some of our services offered to our corporate clients are as follows;

  • The network configuration and installation like WAN or LAN setup.
  • Removal of all kinds of viruses and spyware.
  • Installation or anti-virus software
  • Repairing of all kinds of hardware like motherboard, hard drive, scanner, Mac and ROM.
  • Web presentation, development and design problems.
  • Setup for email security and firewall.
  • Data security problems
  • Data recovery and backup facilities
  • Training to all the employees for new software


In today’s fast track working environment, key to success is communication and replying to customers queries on immediate basis, may it be preparing a spread sheets for customers or preparing an entire presentation.  For all such work usually our data is stored in our systems we need to make sure that we have reliable computers and on top of that we should have reliable onsite repair service Company, such as Laptop Services with proven track record of thousands of satisfied customers.

Soreaders of all corporates or business, why wait, call us to start your primary discussion and open new ways for your business to succeed. We are offering best cost effective onsite repair solutions for all types of computers, makes and models.  We have qualified technicians to repair all types of computers & laptops and provide you onsite repair services.

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