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Laptop Repair

    At Laptop Service, our experienced laptop technicians perform prompt service on all makes and models of laptop & notebook computers.  Our qualified technical staff diagnoses challenging problems for brands like Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell and many others.  Don't wait, Send your laptop Repair Request now, to get your free Laptop Repair Estimate today!

    We offer FREE return ground Shipping within Continental United States. We offer very competitive prices for quality laptop repair service.   Our laptop repair estimates include parts, labor, and return shipping.  Be aware of the sites that claim flat rates; in most cases these flat rates are only for labor, then you get surprises by the cost of parts

Laptop Repair 

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Laptop Repair Laptop Service

Laptop Service is a Nationwide Service Center for laptop repair & notebook repair. Our certified technicians can repair all Toshiba, IBM / Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell, Apple Laptops / Notebooks as well as other brands.

Sell your laptop

    Is your broken laptop sitting around not being used?  Laptop Service will buy it from you at a fair price.  Please click Sell your laptop and provide us with some information about the laptop.  Laptop Services will respond shortly with an offer.

Laptop Repair, Notebook Repair

    At Laptop Service, our qualified laptop technicians perform laptop repair, notebook repair on wide variety of brands for wide variety of problems.  Laptop Service technicians are experienced in troubleshooting and fixing the most challenging problems for brands like Toshiba, IBM/Lenovo Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell and other brands as well.

    Dell Laptop Repair

      Laptop Service is your #1 option for Dell Laptop repair & <Dell Notebook repair.  For industry leading service simply select the Dell Laptop Repair link, and we'll have an estimate to your shortly.

    Sony Laptop Repair

      Sony Laptop repair is the place where you can register your Sony laptop for repair.  Just click on the links at the left and you are one step towards trouble free world. We also offer Sony Notebook repair services.

    HP Laptop Repair

      Laptop service is your #1 option for HP laptop repair & HP Notebook repair!  Our qualified technical staff have effectively serviced 100's of HP notebooks.  Request your free estimate today.

    Notebook Repair

      Our technicians can repair any flaw in your notebook. Simply fill out the request form, and you'll have your estimate shortly. Two easy steps get you closer to a functioning laptop!

Common Laptop Repairs

    Laptop Motherboard Repair

      At Laptop Service our technicians can repair any Laptop Mother Board.

    LCD Screen Repair / Replacement

      It is the most common problem faced by the Laptop owners now a day. So to overcome this problem our technicians are the best choice for your Laptop's LCD Screen Repair / Replacement.

    Laptop DC Power Jack Repair

      We have the best Laptop DC Power Jack Repair facility.

    Laptop Keyboard Repair

      Your one Stop Solution for Laptop Keyboard Repair.

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