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If you are worried about the sudden crash of your favorite Asus laptop, then we can help you out. Committed in offering ever best Asus laptop repair in the US, Laptop Service is a widely acclaimed professional Asus laptop repair center capable of troubleshooting laptops with any unpredictable and complicated issues. We are the masters in Asus laptop repair and offer fast and affordable diagnosis and repair of laptop within the specified time. 

Our services are widespread and we are specialized in offering nationwide services throughout the US. You can contact us from anywhere in the US and we respond to your request quickly and specialize in offering both onsite as well as offsite repair. If you are busy enough to bring your machine to our office, just inform us. We will send one of our expert technicians at your place, whether home or office to take care of your Asus laptop. We will diagnose the problem thoroughly and let you know about the problem quickly. We will suggest replacement of the laptop part only if the problem is beyond repair. We ensure a reliable and efficient laptop repair so that your laptop will not only deliver the best performance ever, but we will also prevent the problem from emerging in the future. 

Whether it is a simple LCD screen crash or complicated motherboard issues, our qualified technicians have all the necessary skill and innovative diagnostic tools and software to detect the problem within seconds and get it repaired onsite. They are well versed in repairing various parts of laptops including hard drive, floppy drive, DC power jacks, CPU, and so on. If you have lost important files from your laptop, we can help top recover them. We can also remove passwords and help you in accessing your critical data. You can also approach us for important laptop care techniques so as to prevent your laptop from any future flaws or virus threats. If you have an old laptop sitting around without being used, we can buy that for fair prices. You can also receive free quotes from us.

We also offer free laptop estimate if you wish to. For further information regarding our Asus laptop repair, please contact us now through our toll free number 888.676.3131 or email We are available 24/7 at your service.